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At Siya Healing Spa, we're committed to preserving and promoting traditional Thai massage, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Our mission is to provide an authentic healing experience that respects Thai massage's heritage while fostering wellness. Guided by compassion and mindfulness, our practice honors the body's wisdom. We see massage as a holistic journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery. We prioritize the authenticity of Thai massage techniques. Our therapists, trained in ancient wisdom, use acupressure and stretching to restore energy flow and harmony. At Siya Healing Spa, we believe true healing starts within. We empower clients to embark on a journey of self-care, promoting optimal health and vitality.


Siya Healing Spa

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56 W 39th Street, 3rd Floor , New York, NY 10018


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Amazing amazing amazing x100. The staff was incredibly friendly, comfortable and very attuned to all various body types/issues. I left in happy tears!


This is an amazing experience honestly, Siya is not only an artist but a scientist when it comes to her massage. She has seemingly an innate ability to understand and discover my problem areas, and zero in on them to relieve the stress and tension in the joints/muscles. The combination of stretching and deep tissue work is extremely therapeutic for me. I have a high-stress job and also exercise frequently, and look forward to getting recharged, re-aligned and holistically HEALED every time I see Siya. I’m definitely hooked. This is a superb massage in an absolute sense in every way.


I’m in town from LA and my lower back was hurting. Went on yelp and found this place and it was awesome. JJ worked on me for over an hour with a nice mix of relaxing and stretching. There were some intense moments of kneading out some knots but she was sure to ask me if the pressure was ok. She was the sweetest, too. With a positive attitude. When I’m back in the City, I will definitely come back to Siya!


Honestly I walked in with no expectations and was SO happy and satisfied with my massage. Being a healthcare provider in a NYC hospital my body has been under so much stress and was in so much pain. Siya knew exactly where to work out my problem areas, and truthfully was the best massage I’ve ever had!!!! She truly is a healer and made me feel so comfortable!!! 10/10

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